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Tenants Insurance

Even if you are renting, we have a tenants insurance package for you. Our special Mobile Home Renters Packages are competitively priced, and come with a wide range of options for each and every situation. Tenants insurance is designed for individuals who rent their residence. This policy packages the following insurance coverages: Property damage to your Contents; Additional Living Expenses (extra expense for Rent, Food, Utilities, etc.) if you cannot live in your apartment because of insured damage; and your Personal Liability.

Personal Property

Insurance – For Tenants

Tenants Package Policies

Your lease probably includes a requirement that you carry a Tenants Package Insurance Policy. To verify that you are meeting this condition of your lease, your landlord may want to get a copy of the policy from you each year. There are four main sections to a tenants package policy, and they are each very important. Considering these policies policies can be purchased for a little as $15 per month, we feel they are one of the best deals going!

Personal Belongings

A Tenants Package Policy will cover loss or damage to your personal belongings for circumstances such as fire, theft, vandalism, and many types of water damage. Your landlord is not responsible to replace your personal belongings in the event of damage to the building – no matter how caused. The only way to recover financially for the loss or destruction of your personal property is with the Tenants Package Insurance Policy.

Tenants Legal Liability

If you have an accident in your building, such as a smoking accident, cooking fire, or overflowing the bathtub causing water damage, you may be held legally and financially responsible for the damage this accident causes to the building. It is quite likely that in these examples, and several others, the insurance company who covers this building for your landlord will sue you to recover the costs for these damages. The Tenants Legal Liability section of your Tenants Package Insurance Policy will protect you in these instances, defend your interests, and pay if you’re found ultimately responsible for the damage.

Personal Liability

The law can hold you personally responsible for damage or injury you accidentally cause to other people or their property. This could be a visitor slipping on your wet kitchen floor, or accidentally breaking a friends property while helping them move. The personal Liability section of your Tenants package Insurance Policy will defend you against any financial actions and pay the injured party should you ultimately be found responsible.

Additional Living Expenses

We’ve all read the newspaper articles about tenants finding themselves homeless after a large fire or major storm damaging their apartment building. If these individuals carried a Tenants Package Policy, they would have been able to collect money from their insurance company to help pay for a place to stay while their building is being repaired, or until they found a new place to live.