Why Choose Low Insurance Ltd.


  • Richard started his career in commercial underwriting. He knows how to evaluate risk and can recommend the necessary coverage required to reduce or eliminate that risk.
  • Richard has over 20 years experience in selling commercial insurance products to businesses all over New Brunswick.
  • Richard has worked in business development, bringing new products out to the market for brokers to sell to there clients.


  • Richard has several insurance industry designations each of which required extensive coursework, practice and examinations.
  • Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP)
  • Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB)
  • Associate in Insurance Production, Cananda (AIPC)


  • Throughout the last 25 years in this business, Richard has gained invaluable experience. Each claim is a learning experience, each client is a unique entity, every underwriter and marketing rep he knows brings something special to the table. He works with a team of people dedicated to finding the right protection for each individual client.
  • Richard has dealt with clients in every corner of New Brunswick and knows the challenges and unique characteristics of every community. From towing in Campbellton to bed & breakfasts in St. Stephen; from maple syrup producers in the north to building contractors in the south; IT Consultants, drones, non-profit organizations are just a few of the things that Richard has expertise in.


  • Richard has developed a network of contacts from coast to coast in this country. He knows where to go with a particular risk and has access to the brightest minds in this industry.

More reasons to choose Low:

  • We review and compare policies annually to make sure you are receiving all the discounts you qualify for. We do this with various insurance companies and advise you what comparable coverage would cost with other insurers.
  • Claims reporting 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Insurance Brokers and their employees in NB volunteer nearly 2,800 hours per week to community organizations and contribute $700,000 to charity per year.
  • Insurance Brokers in NB and their families spend over 85% of their disposable income in New Brunswick.

There is a difference in where you buy your protection. Many people don’t realize there are three sources for insurance:

  1. Independent Insurance Brokers, who represent a number of insurance companies, and research with these firms to find you the best combination of price, coverage and service.
  2. Captive Agents, who can sell you the insurance of only one company.
  3. Telephone Representatives, who can offer you the insurance of one company, and only on the telephone.

The Anchor Group brings a regional presence and commercial service team to large commercial accounts. Employing over 120 trained insurance professional in the three Maritime Provinces we will bring service standards to your account, which we believe will exceed your anticipations. We currently operate a network of offices / associated agency locations throughout New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

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